What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching focuses on providing practical strategies and personalised support on your professional goals and career decisions. Identifying ways you can overcome barriers preventing you from moving forward and achieving success by using a combination of career counselling and career guidance.

What can you gain from Career Coaching?

Career Coaching will:

  • Help you stay on track with your job goals and explore the options available to you, including how to cope with setbacks.
  • Help you go through your thought processes and identify what is important to you, enabling you to have a clear understanding of where your skills and expertise lie.
  • Help you become more self-aware and confident about your career goals, be able to deal with the emotional side of your professional life and be more certain about what is happening in the job market.
  • Help you to manage change easily, eg returning to work after a career break or changing roles and career.

Who and where do we Coach?

We have coached individuals with all levels of experience and qualifications and all ages that have faced a number of barriers preventing them from progressing forward with their chosen career options. We can coach you face to face, via video chat and provide additional support via email. If you are facing changes within your professional life such as promotion, change of job, redundancy, retirement or have been unemployed for a number of years together we can set realistic goals and develop strategies to achieve the professional life you want.

Are you ready for Career Coaching?

If you feel that you are not achieving your full potential within your current role or you feel your abilities are being stifled, then the natural progression is coaching. Not sure where your strengths lie? Would benefit from a personalised approach to your career goals?

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