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How can I become more employable?

Employability Skills What does ‘Employability Skills’ actually mean? It is not just about preparing for an interview or tailoring your CV for a suitable vacancy, it's your values and personal qualities that may not be included as part of [...]

Funding for training if you have been made redundant – ReAct Funding

Redundancy Funding Redundancy brings with it many problems and it can be difficult to see opportunities but opportunities do exist! Consider things you have always wanted to do but fear prevented you from taking that leap into the unknown. [...]

Funding your training – South Wales Valleys

Access Funding – South Wales Valleys Do you live in the South Wales Valleys? Are you an unemployed adult who just needs that little extra support to help you get a job and keep it? Then the Access Programme [...]

6 Questions to kick-start YOUR motivation

You have full control over the level of motivation and self-belief you have but staying motivated is not always easy. Start by identifying what you want and taking the first steps to be who you want to be #beyourownhero [...]

Coaching for Change

I don’t remember a time where I allowed other people’s opinions to prevent me from doing what I wanted. Where I haven’t been driven to achieve success in all its forms, whether that is personally or professionally. I have [...]