What is mentoring?

“Mentoring involves primarily listening with empathy, sharing experience (usually mutually), professional friendship, developing insight through reflections, being a sounding board, encouraging” – David Clutterbuck, Co-founder of European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

“The purpose of mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.” E​ric Parsloe, Co-founder of European Mentoring and Coaching Council and founder of The OCM.

Benefits of Mentoring

The benefit of mentoring is wide-reaching, not only in a professional capacity but personally. It includes:

  • being encouraged and empowered in personal development
  • being helped to identify and achieve career goals
  • being helped to identify and correct gaps in generic skills and knowledge
  • increasing your confidence
  • developing and maintaining a broader perspective on career options and opportunities

(source: Southampton University)

Karen Blake Mentoring Service

Our mentors can meet with mentees on an individual basis face to face, telephone or virtually through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The support offered to you includes:

  • gaining valuable advice and guidance
  • developing your knowledge and skills
  • improving your communication skills
  • learning new perspectives
  • advance your career by staying focused and on track with your career choices.

To begin your mentoring journey, let’s have a chat!

Mentoring Programme

How it works

Our mentoring programme is a series of monthly meetings or telephone appointments, each one building on the last, a minimum of 6 x 1 hour sessions.


6 x 1 hour sessions – £300 or £50 per month

Note: The above fees apply when sponsoring yourself. If you are sponsored by your employer, a different fee structure operates, contact info@karenblakecoaching.com

Cancellation Policy

Appointments cancelled less than two working days in advance are subject to a fee equivalent to one hour of the coach’s time (ie £50). Cancellations on the day of the meeting, or non attendance are subject to the full fee for the time.

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