Self Funding your professional development

At Karen Blake Coaching (KBC), we are aware of how beneficial it can be to receive assistance with your professional development. Self funding your training can be costly and it is that in mind that we support self-funders, charities, and those still in education.

0% finance is also available on all courses over £200, which allows you to spread the cost of your training into interest-free, affordable monthly payments.

Listed are below are available discounts if you’d like to sign up for a training course:

  • Discounts for students and self-funders
  • Savings for non-profits and educational institutions
  • Lowered prices for numerous masterclass courses
  • Self-funders gain from PayPal ability to spread payments.


Self-funding people, students, charities, and educational institutions receive a 15% discount.

A training course occasionally isn’t affordable, especially if you’re the one paying. However, learning new abilities is important in creating new opportunities or progressing within your career.

We provide a 15% discount on all of our courses in order to get through this obstacle and ease some of the financial stress, provided that you are or work for:

  • Self-funding person
  • Organisations with charitable status
  • Educational institution
  • Student Currently in education


You also qualify for discounts if you pay for your course out of your own pocket (not via your employer) or if you work for a non-profit organisation or educational institution.

  • Individual who self-fund – someone who pays for everything out of pocket. Additionally, payment is necessary when reserving a course.
  • Student – You only need to show evidence that you are presently enrolled in classes (such as your NUS, UniDays, student ID, or email address).
  • Charity – Simply include the charity number if you are employed by a charity.
  • Educational institution – The email address used for the reservation must correspond to the organisation you are employed for.

What training/ professional development can you complete through Karen Blake Coaching?

We offer a range of training and qualifications that will support you on your journey to gaining a new job opportunity or to progress within your current role.

They include:

  • Employability Skills
  • Essential Skills Wales Qualifications
  • Management and Leadership Qualifications
  • Outdoor Qualifications

A list of the courses and qualifications we provide are also available on Careers Wales Course Providers List

We can be contacted on 01685 700946 or just Contact Us

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