career coaching for schools Career Coaching for Schools and School Leavers

Career coaching year 10 or 11 students in schools when they are contemplating their next steps can be beneficial. Is it better to study for A-Levels or for a vocational programme, or can the two be combined? What subjects will you be able to study?

Do you want to go to college or sixth form? Have you explored the possibility of completing an apprenticeship? What type of job do you believe you would excel at? Are you aware of the steps you can take to improve your professional decisions? What are the long-term ramifications of your current course of action?

Our professional and qualified career coaches can assist you if you are unsure about what to do next and want to ensure that you keep your options open to different career and work areas in the future

Sixth Form and College

You may be completing A-Levels or a vocational course at college or Sixth Form College and are unsure of your next steps. Or started your studies only to find that they are not progressing as expected. Are you contemplating a university education, an apprenticeship, or a job? Perhaps you’re ready to start applying for jobs or universities and need some assistance, or you want to put together a killer CV. You could have been approached for an interview but aren’t sure how to proceed. If you need additional help with your next steps, our coaches are experts at guiding you in becoming well-informed so that you can make confident career decisions.

Work, Apprenticeship or University

It can be difficult to make your first steps into the working world. We will assist you in improving your CV and gaining confidence in knowing where to look for an apprenticeship or work opportunities, as well as how to apply for them and conduct successful interviews. We’ll give you professional career and employability advice and guidance so you can have the best chance of landing the job that is right for you.

Perhaps you are considering applying to university but aren’t sure what to study? Do you have concerns about getting the grades you want? Or are you reconsidering your decision to go to university? Maybe you’re about to graduate and have no idea what you’ll do next. We can help you with your next steps, and our career coaches will assist you in becoming well-informed and taking control, so you can confidently and excitedly choose what to do next.

How to book your Career Coach

Appointments with a KBC Careers Coach dedicated to your school will help you identify strengths, explore career options, discuss opportunities and progress in career planning.

Details of your appointment

Appointments are 30 – 40 minutes in duration.


Monday to Friday, throughout term time and school holidays.

Contactable via phone or MS Teams and school sites.

To arrange an appointment with a KBC Career Coach or to make a referral, contact us on 01685 700946, WhatsApp 07742563103, or email

Get in touch

If you would like Karen Blake Coaching to provide professional career advice to your educational organisation, school, college or university contact us on 01685 700946 or or visit our FAQ

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