CMI Level 2 Award in Team Leading

The CMI Level 2 Award in Team Leading is an ideal qualification for aspiring or new team leaders. It is designed to enhance team leadership skills and knowledge, enabling individuals to effectively lead and motivate their team members.

This course focuses on the development of key leadership skills, including communication, planning, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Course Objectives:

Equip team leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to lead successful teams and ensure they align with organisational goals.
Explore team-leading theories and models through course assignments, enhancing practical problem-solving skills in the workplace.
Demonstrate the ability to lead a team, thereby increasing opportunities for career advancement.

Unit Overview:

Participants can choose to complete one of the following units:

  • Introduction to Team Leading or
  • Being a Team Leader

Team Leading Assignment_brief_2008V1


  • Completion of an assignment workbook for unit
  • No examinations

Study Support:

We are committed to providing the best support for our learners throughout their studies. Our support system includes:

  • Access to experienced tutors who can be reached via email or Microsoft Teams
  • Prompt responses to queries, with tutors offering advice and tips based on your specific needs
  • Tutors are available for discussions, assistance with course material, and assignment support through phone, Moodle Messaging, and Microsoft Teams.


Option 1: 2-day workshop or initial introduction via Microsoft Teams with flexible support for course material
Option 2: 3 months for assignment submission (self-study)
Online access to all course materials is provided.


Participants will need:

  • Access to a laptop or PC

What next:

Upon successful completion of the CMI Level 2 Award in Team Leading, you have several advancement options:

  • Upgrade your CMI membership to enhance your professional status.
  • Pursue other qualifications at the same level (e.g., CMI Level 2 Certificate in Management, CMI Level 2 Diploma in Management).
  • Consider advancing to the next level with qualifications like the CMI Level 3 Award to Diploma.

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*Note for Residents in Wales:
This qualification can be funded through ReAct+ if you reside in Wales and choose Karen Blake Coaching as your provider.

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