From Ex-Offender to Railway Professional: A Transformative Journey with Karen Blake Coaching

Client Background:

An ex-offender facing numerous challenges in finding training and employment opportunities aspired to pursue a career in the rail industry for a fresh start and to provide for his family. Fearing any mistakes could hinder his chances, he sought guidance through his local job centre, which led him to Karen Blake Coaching, a renowned supporter of learners with barriers to training and employment.

Challenges Faced:

As an ex-offender, he encountered unique obstacles when accessing training and securing employment, requiring comprehensive support to gain the knowledge and skills essential for a successful rail industry career.

Solution Provided:

Karen Blake Coaching offered a transformative journey, combining expert coaching with comprehensive training in partnership with Safety-Counts and providing a supportive learning environment. The focus on his success began with the initial consultation.

  1. Expertise and professionalism: The career coaches at Karen Blake Coaching possess extensive expertise and professionalism. Regular contact addressed his concerns, and trainers at Safety-Counts adapted to his learning style, providing personalised attention.
  2. Inclusive and Supportive Environment: Creating a safe and inclusive learning environment, Karen Blake Coaching and Safety-Counts fostered camaraderie among learners. Comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification, he built confidence and valuable connections.
  3. Holistic Approach: Understanding the need for more than technical training, Karen Blake Coaching addressed the unique challenges faced by ex-offenders. Beyond technical aspects, he received guidance and support for essential life skills, empowering him for employment success.

Results Achieved:

With exceptional support, our client completed various rail training programmes, including personal track safety AC, personal track safety DCCR, track induction, and small tools. PPE ensured his safety and readiness.

Expert coaching and diligent preparation led him to an employer with rail industry vacancies. Pre-screen interviews confirmed suitability, and on completion of training, he received a job offer—a significant milestone in his career transformation. Equipped with confidence, skills, and qualifications, he now has newfound opportunities for meaningful employment.

Moreover, our client is eager to continue his career development journey and aspires to access further training, making this a long-term career choice.


Based on this inspiring journey, we wholeheartedly recommend Karen Blake Coaching to anyone facing barriers to training and employment. Their unwavering dedication to supporting individuals with diverse backgrounds is remarkable, and their trainers not only possess high levels of knowledge and skill but also create a pleasant and inclusive learning experience.

To learn more about how Karen Blake Coaching can help you overcome obstacles, achieve your career goals, and transform your life, take a look at the training and support we are able to offer or get in touch today. Join the countless individuals who have embraced second chances and realised their true potential through the remarkable support of Karen Blake Coaching.

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