Physical Fitness and Testing Techniques in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

For qualified Personal Trainers, numerous opportunities await. However, having the right attitude can take you even further, regardless of how you’ve obtained your qualifications.

As any skilled Personal Trainer knows, it’s impossible to initiate a client’s exercise programme without first conducting thorough testing. Fitness testing is the cornerstone of assessing and evaluating a client’s progress, enabling us to tailor a programme to their specific needs.

Whether it’s observing a successful reduction in blood pressure or measuring a decrease in body fat, tracking your progress is pivotal in personal training. It not only motivates clients by showcasing their achievements but also allows us to identify any obstacles if progress stalls, such as dietary issues.

We are thrilled to offer the Agored Cymru Level 3 Physical Fitness and Testing Techniques programme in partnership with Forces Fitness, serving as the initial step towards becoming a qualified physical fitness instructor.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the Key Components of Physical Fitness and Their Assessment.

  • Analyse the methods used to assess these components.

2. Master the Art of Fitness Testing.

  • Ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and health and safety standards when using testing equipment.
  • Conduct fitness testing.
  • Document, analyse, and evaluate the results obtained in the previous step.
  • Effectively communicate fitness test results to the individual being tested.

This course can be completed individually, remotely, or as a group booking at our picturesque location in the Afan Valley. For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen Blake Coaching or Forces Fitness.