Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (RQF)


Enhance your career as a fully qualified assessor with our comprehensive Level 3 CAVA Assessor Training Course. Explore assessment principles, methods, and techniques, gain industry-standard credentials, and confidently handle diverse assessment challenges in vocational subjects.


Looking to become a fully qualified assessor in your area of expertise? The Level 3 CAVA Assessor Qualification is the perfect choice. With this certification, you’ll have the credentials to conduct assessments confidently and accurately, ensuring learners meet industry standards.

Comprehensive Assessor Training Course

Our assessor training course offers a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum designed to enhance your understanding of assessment principles, methods, and techniques. Explore various assessment strategies, adapt your approach to different learners, and develop your communication and observation skills. This training equips you to handle the diverse challenges that may arise during assessments.

Enrolling in our assessor training course provides access to experienced trainers who offer valuable insights based on their extensive industry knowledge. They will guide you through the curriculum, helping you develop a deep understanding of assessment practices. Gain the confidence to apply your skills effectively in real-world scenarios.

The CAVA certification is widely recognised as the industry standard for assessors. It encompasses the knowledge and skills necessary to assess learners effectively and make informed judgements. Our course, previously known as the A1 Assessor Course and the D32/D33 Assessor Course, aligns with the current requirements of the CAVA qualification.

Don’t mistake the CAVA qualification for the TAQA course. The CAVA is the definitive qualification you need to become a fully qualified assessor. Take the next step in your professional development and unlock new opportunities in the field of assessment with our comprehensive assessor training course.

The programme includes the following units:

  1. Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment
  2. Assessing Competence in the Work Environment
  3. Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement

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