Dealing with a Difficult Boss? Here’s What You Should Do

At Karen Blake Coaching, we believe that most people have good intentions, but even the best managers can make mistakes. However, it’s no secret that some bosses are just plain difficult to work with. So, when you find yourself facing a challenging boss, do you know how to navigate the situation effectively?

The purpose of this post is to address your concerns about dealing with a tough boss and provide actionable steps to mitigate the impact on your personal and professional life. Working under a difficult boss can have serious consequences, such as hindering your job performance and even affecting your overall well-being.

In the workplace, we often label certain individuals as “difficult,” but pinpointing the exact issue can be tricky since there are various factors at play. What we do know for sure is that working with such individuals can be quite a challenge.

Let’s explore some strategies that can help you work more effectively with your demanding boss:

1. Understand Expectations:

Your boss might appear difficult because they have high expectations of your performance. Take the time to clearly understand what they expect from you in terms of output and results.

2. Manage Your Expectations:

Are you expecting something from your boss that they can’t provide? It’s crucial to align your expectations with their capabilities and communication style. They may operate differently from what you’re used to, so re-evaluate your goals accordingly.

3. Observe Their Behaviour:

Take a step back and observe your boss’s behaviour. Sometimes, their superiors may be putting pressure on them, leading to added stress and difficult interactions. Understanding the source of their behaviour can provide insight.

4. Communicate More:

Rather than avoiding your boss, try increasing communication. Sometimes, more interaction can help you deal with their challenging personality. Avoidance often leads to dead ends.

5. Become Indispensable:

Go the extra mile to become an indispensable employee. Focus on problem-solving skills and offer additional support to your boss. This not only makes you valuable but also reduces potential reasons for criticism. You can become the go-to person they rely on.

6. Let It Roll Off:

In dealing with a difficult boss, it’s essential to develop a thick skin. While certain aspects of their behaviour might bother you, don’t let it consume your attention or provoke a reaction. Focus on your tasks and goals.

If you’re currently facing the challenge of a difficult boss, consider implementing these six strategies. Keep them in mind the next time you’re tempted to throw in the towel.

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Remember, managing a difficult boss is a skill that can significantly impact your career success. It’s worth the effort to improve your working relationship and navigate the challenges effectively.