Decision Making

Decision making is challenging because it rules out one option over another.

Why do we find decision-making difficult?

Making decisions comes with its own set of challenges because it requires time and energy. This becomes especially difficult when we’re faced with stress or feeling fatigued. When our days are psychologically heavy, the input of making a decision becomes greater, for even the smallest of choices.

Flipping a coin or making a choice at random are fine for small decisions. But life decisions often require more critical thinking. When making bigger decisions, be nosey with yourself and ask the following questions: What do I desire? What do I need? Does this serve me? Do I want more of this? Do I want less of this?

Decision-making occurs more often than we might think, such as, deciding what to order from a menu, deciding what colour to paint the bathroom or choosing where to raise a family. Next time you have to make a decision (whether large or small) do one of the following:

Step Outside of Yourself

Often, when we think objectively, we’re able to think more rationally. Think about how you might help a friend or family member if they were trying to make the decision. Use the advice you’d give them and apply it to you.

Look Inwards

Ask yourself, if I were to tell someone else the difficulty, I am having in making this decision what answer would I hope they’d side with? Often this helps you better understand how to make the best decision for you.

Two Minute Diversion

In order to think rationally when trying to make a decision, it takes stepping away from the problem. Have a two-minute diversion by engaging in something that causes your mind to think critically, it could be a crossword puzzle or playing a game on your mobile. Whilst you’re “distracted” your mind will continue to internalise important details of the decision, so that when you come back to it your mind will be clearer.

Using one of the above, how will decide which theme from this week you’d like to work on the most? Write down your thoughts in a journal.

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