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Many people go through life unsure of their goals. We’re lost if we don’t have a plan. Many business people strive to master the art of productivity and invariably achieve some short-term goals; however, the majority of them waste time and money because they are unsure of their long-term goals and objectives.

You will learn about new tools, such as mind mapping, that can help you boost your influence. You will get to practise brainstorming with other members of the group and learn how new techniques can empower team members to collaborate and think creatively. Additionally, you will learn a variety of productivity techniques as well as how to avoid procrastination.

Cost is per person (contact our administration team for group booking cost).


Do you want to be energised and confident in everything you do? Do you want to be noticed and have your presence felt? Do you want to learn how to retrain your brain to perform better? You can learn to achieve more professionally and personally and become more productive by using the simple techniques covered in this course. You will learn how to become more motivated, influential, and innovative through a series of practical exercises.

This course can be delivered over 1 day face-to-face at our Centre or onsite depending on location (contact our administration team directly for further information or to arrange a group booking. Group booking has a minimum number of 5 participants) or Remote Learning via Microsoft Teams.

Learning Aims:

By the end of this training you should be able to:

  • Write your mission statement and goals and decide what you want to get out of life professionally and personally.
  • How goal-oriented thinking can boost your productivity and happiness
  • Examine a number of grand presuppositions; rules that will help you get more out of life
  • Learn how to balance your life based on your roles so that you can achieve all of your objectives Learn the differences between traditional methods and new positive psychological methods (such as NLP).
  • How to inspire yourself and others to overcome obstacles and achieve goals
  • Increase your self-assurance and cultivate a positive mental attitude
  • Learn effective persuasion techniques.
  • In your conversations, learn to use the most persuasive words.
  • Examine long-term strategic thinking and how to respond to friends and foes while remaining consistent in your success.
  • How to avoid procrastination by understanding decision-making cycles and how they can assist you in achieving your goals.
  • Learn how to jump-start those projects you’ve been putting off.
  • Learn from your previous mistakes in a systematic way, using novel psychological techniques that allow you to look at everything from different perspectives and gain more insight.
  • Use a simple but effective technique to become more creative.

Key Objectives:

  1. Know what you want in life and get motivated to achieve them
  2. Persuade anyone with your ideas and influence their thinking and behaviour
  3. Boost your creativity by using proven, yet simple, tools and techniques

The Influence of Intrinsic Motivation and Synergistic Extrinsic Motivators on Creativity and Innovation

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