Mental Health Awareness Week;

this year looks at the benefits of nature and the environment on our wellbeing.

In celebration,  a tree has been chosen as a metaphor for life. A tree is part of a bigger ecosystem that shapes and impacts its growth and development, much like us as humans.

The branches represent surface-level aspects of life; friends, family, colleagues, work, social life, health.

The roots of a tree represent a deeper culture within us, such as our beliefs, values and fears – these are elements that ground us and help nourish our mental health.

However, like the seasons – these aspects are often not static. Frequent changes to our health, careers and social groups force us to adapt in response. But, when we’re required to make changes, our focus is often in the wrong place. Whilst “surface culture” is important, we should instead be nurturing our roots by taking action internally. This prevents issues from arising externally.

Each day this week, in light of the event, both the Mental Health Foundation and Karen Blake Coaching are going to focus on our roots around the following five themes: Values, Fear, Hope, Self-Compassion and Decision-Making, with a new challenge each day.

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mental health awareness week